Registration of the ISCRA trademark.

After all, I've waited for a loooong time for this…. ISCRA, It was on my mind for a long time and I couldn't forget it.
Last year, I submitted documents for the registration of the ISCRA trademark to a professional law firm that specializes in trademarks and patents in Poland and in the EU.
Complete documents were submitted to the Patent Office on December 25, 2021. on Christmas and many months I have waited for information about the registration of the mark.
ISCRA is an Internet and international school on the topics of craftsmanship and art restoration for everyone who wants to learn how to repair, restore, renovate stone, ceramics, metal and wood at a technical level, at any age - whether young or adult who want to leave some trace of myself on the EARTH.
I was looking for a place where ISCRA could develop, but I haven't found one yet .... unless I don't know or noticed something, or maybe I should go to different places, countries and learn there?
As you already know, I have set up a website  with a shop where You can buy teaching packages with presentations on brick and stone renovation in winter. In winter, the scope will be expanded to include information on the type of stone in Poland and neighboring countries, such as: Norway, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. I want to encourage people to look for new markets, develop entrepreneurship, make them aware of the use of stones, to create workshops, and to cooperate.
On-line teaching only in the winter months, then during the restoration season, workshops will be organized, or simply works where you will be able to learn about the practical elements of these works.

I invite you to cooperation :)