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Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat, born August 29th, 1962, is a political scientist and sociologist. He is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Université Montpellier 3 (France) and researcher at iscra.

He is a former member of the editorial committee of the journal Futur antérieur, founded by Jean-Marie Vincent and Toni Negri, and continues to serve on the reading committee of the journal Multitudes.

His research focuses on phenomena of dissemination (hybridity, transversality) and dispersion (extension, deployment) that affect creative and intellectual activities such as art, research, social intervention, study, and education.

His work is situated at the intersection of the sociology of work and the sociology of power, and focuses on the analysis of particular activities in terms of their constitution, their modes of professionalization, and the social relationships that affect them; as well as on the analysis of the modes of governmentability associated with these activities in terms of their regulation, institutionalization, and the power relations that define them.
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